Sonar Sounds

ByPaddy Walsh

Sonar Sounds

8:00 pm


Lion Vibes Record Shop presents Part 3

Creation Rebel Sound System meets Sonar Sounds


Creation Rebel is a reggae, roots & dub sound system hailing from London. Under the banner of Channel One for over 10 years and part of the team at Lion Vibes record shop, Creation Rebel delivers deep & spiritual roots music, keeping the fundamental traditions of sound system culture alive.

Coupled with some of the iconic Channel One Sound System boxes, Creation Rebel’s powerful rig and an archive or reggae all the way back from the 60s to the present day comes to uplift the heart, mind & soul.

Full sound & crew featuring Tudor Lion, Empress Gina, Bubz & MC Ras Terry Gad

Titans of Clash

London based and launched in late 2015 as a resistance project after having previous sound systems seized by authorities. Sonar sounds comprises of 6 15″ drivers. Small yet mighty, the top boxes are compact 3-way design with tight kick bass response and crystal clarity at higher frequencies.

After playing out at events all around the UK it was time for the system to have a big change. Through the creators love for Roots, Dub, Reggae music it was relaunched. After the notable success of the first event Dub Meditation, Sonar Sound System is ready to take on the opposition in the dance.


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