Party in Your Pants

ByPaddy Walsh

Party in Your Pants

26/04/2019 - 27/04/2019
9:00 pm - 1:00 am


The Doodlecats are delighted to present: Party in Your Pants – SPRING PANTALOONACY!!

The world’s only topless, feminist, blacklight bodydoodle and paint rave!

Five hours of messy, UV paint play, with smashing tunes from our resident UVcorn of Audio Angel Delight, Miles Metric, and blacklight body art by YOU and The Doodlecats. Show as much skin as you like – toplessness is optional, only respect and pants are compulsory.

This is an event for the enlightened. If you can’t understand the concept of desexualised nudity, this is not the place for you. For every other feminist, whatever your gender, come and experience your equality and your liberty the Doodlecats way. Wheelchair accessible, free PA passes. This is a new venue for us though, so please get in touch via Facebook with specific access enquiries. LGBTQI+ friendly. Unicorns, mermaids and other mythical beings welcome.

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