Party In Your Pants

ByPaddy Walsh

Party In Your Pants

8:00 pm


Sick of negative vibrations? Exhausted by the lies? Convinced, despite everything, that we have more in common than what divides us?
It might sound like a fantasy, but at Party In Your Pants, we believe it because we see it every time we gather you lot together, and August 2nd will be no exception.
Celebrate your freedom and your equality at our powerful, rebellious little party – where we do something FUNdamentally political and we do it without endless debate, without confrontation, and, obviously, without clothes!
Five hours of everything you’ve come to expect – respectful chaos, good clean mess, liberated humans, pants, paint and massive beats! Keep an eye on the event page for news of opening and closing times as we wrestle with the authorities over the naughtiness of nipples.
There will be holi powder, glitter, doodles and goop… Miles Metric is back to make us boogie till our ears bleed (metaphorically) Featuring ingenious solutions to everyday problems, more blacklight than ever before, and all the warm, fuzzy feelings you can eat.

This is an event for the enlightened. If you can’t understand the concept of desexualised nudity, this is not the place for you. For every other feminist, whatever your gender, come and experience your equality and your liberty the Doodlecats way. Wheelchair accessible, free PA passes. LGBTQI+ friendly. Unicorns, mermaids and other mythical beings welcome.

Right of admission refused:  Contact PIYP via facebook for ticket info x

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